Purim Goodies

Here are some hamantaschen I baked.

The recipe is super easy & child friendly. Kids will love kneading the crumbly, buttery dough with their hands. They can spoon the prune & puppy filling and also learn that if you cut up the dough into circles, you can make perfect triangular shapes.

The recipe is in my book, Purim Goodies.

Happy, yummy Purim


Purim Goodies

The holiday of Purim begins on March 11, 2017.

It’s a wonderful & fun holiday which inspired me to write and illustrate my picture book, Purim Goodies and later, publish an article in Highlights for Children about my childhood memories celebrating Purim in Israel.

I am also a storyteller and performer. Check out my web site, http://www.amaliahoffman.com & click on Storytelling to view utube clips of me acting out my book in costume & demonstrating how to make Hamantaschen.http://www.amaliahoffman.com/visits.htm

I’ll be happy to come to your school, library, synagogue, you name it!



The Upside-Down Way of Thinking

What’s the best way to get over writer’s block?

According to many super creative artists, writers and musicians, one remedy is to clear your head & think in the total opposite way of your traditional way of perceiving the world.

If you always painted the grass green and the sky blue, get out of your comfort zone and visualize green skies over blue grass.

If your figures are walking on the ground, think what would happen if they were flying or tumbling on their heads. Make your birds swim in the ocean and your fish fly in the air.

After a while, you’ll be all confused, even frustrated but you might just feel super creative and filled with upside-down ideas.