2 thoughts on “Storytelling of Purim Goodies

  1. Shalom, Amalia. I’ve been reading your lively book to my kids. I’m curious about the “kindl” featured in the story. Have you made them? Do you have a favorite recipe to share? I found “kindli” in one of my recipe books, but no other references.
    Thank you and have a very freilich Purim!

    • Hi Laura,
      Sorry but I didn’t get your posting till now for some obscure reason. Kindl is a Vienese Purim cookie
      Here’s a Kindl recipe:
      1/4 cup margarine
      1 cup flour
      1 tablespoon sugar
      1egg yolk

      just like the hamantschen fillings I have in my book.

      Mix margarine with the sugar, add yolk and flour , roll dough into rectangles. scoop some of the filling on the edge of the cut dough and roll. make marks like rope with a fork, bake till golden .

      They mechyeh!


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