Green Thumb Friday

Since I started writing about a horticulturist, my thumb turned bright green. Actually, it’s not just my thumb. I see Green everywhere and I find myself having conversations with neighbors and friends about their lawns, bushes and weeds.

Oh, did I say weeds? Yes, that’s one thing we, on the East Coast have plenty of, especially after a good soak.

So, while visiting my friends, Marlene and Enrico who seem to have green thumbs and green toes and while munching on chips, I asked them, “What do you do about the weeds?”

“Mulch!” said Enrico.


“No,you’re already doing plenty on munching, I mean mulch!” answered Marlene. So, I came back to my humble garden and did what she told me.

Mulch is a layer of material you apply on top of the soil to conserve the moisture in the soil, to improve the fertility of the soil and to reduce weeds.

Mulch is made from shredded cedar, pine or hardwood. You can get mulch in any gardening place and it comes in several colors from natural wood to reddish and even black. If you want a psychedelic garden, maybe you can find it in shocking pink? (Just kidding)

Mulch is perfect to use around bushes and flowers. Put a layer of at least 3 inches.

If you grow vegetables or fruits, it’s better to use hay instead of regular mulch since you don’t want your fruits & vegetables to taste like pine or cedar.

Since bugs often feed on the old mulch, Enrico and Marlene say that in the fall, smart gardeners turn the soil and mulch over with a hoe or shovel.That way, you’ll get rid of eggs that bugs might lay. After turning the old mulch over, apply a new layer.

So, go mulching and while you do, munch on whatever your heart desires.

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Inserting photographs in my artwork is lots of fun. Here is one little girl who found her way into my illustrated garden. She had lots of fun picking daisies, eating strawberries and climbing way up a giant cabbage.

If you would like to see your child or pet or even yourself in an imaginary landscape. contact me.



Green Thumb Friday

Clip, clip, clip.


If you are like me, you probably feel bad every time you give your plants a little snip.

You want every bit of your rose bush or shrubbery to grow and grow and grow and clipping feels like you are hurting your darling plant.

But actually, snipping or pruning doesn’t hurt your plant. It helps it grow healthier, bigger and taller.

Think of it as an occasional hair cut. When we cut off the split ends off our hair, we encourage healthy grow. Besides, if you never cut your hair, it will eventually drag like a dirty mop.

Clipping or pruning encourages healthy growth. When you cut off the dead flowers, it encourages new bloom. Pruning also improves air circulation and helps shape your plant so it looks gorgeous, your hair.

When cutting hair, we usually use scissors. It doesn’t hurt, does it? 

So, when you clip your bushes, use gardening clippers and if you really want to feel better about the whole thing, put a mirror in front of your rose and whisper, “Don’t you look pretty now!”

Plants love when you compliment them.

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Green Thumb Friday

Since I started writing about a horticulturist, seems like my thumb turned greener & greener.

Each Friday, just in time for the weekend, I’ll be seeding some gardening tips.

To make your bushes and flowers grow healthy and strong, try sprinkling egg shells.

Sounds weird? Not really. Egg shells are a rich source of calcium. Since I started sprinkling crushed egg shells in my garden, roses are rosier, grass is greener & lavender is lovelier.

So, next time you cook an omelet or bake muffins, don’t throw out the shells. Simply wash, let dry for a few days, put in a paper bag and crush the shells with a heavy dish, bowl, spoon, anything. Then, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!

Don’t eat eggs? not to worry. Stop by a diner early in the morning, the chef would be delighted to have you pick up the shells in the kitchen. Your garden will blossom and our planet will be cleaner!

Any gardening tips? Please plant some on my blog.

Happy green Friday and a very happy fourth of July.