Green Thumb Friday

Since I started writing about a horticulturist, seems like my thumb turned greener & greener.

Each Friday, just in time for the weekend, I’ll be seeding some gardening tips.

To make your bushes and flowers grow healthy and strong, try sprinkling egg shells.

Sounds weird? Not really. Egg shells are a rich source of calcium. Since I started sprinkling crushed egg shells in my garden, roses are rosier, grass is greener & lavender is lovelier.

So, next time you cook an omelet or bake muffins, don’t throw out the shells. Simply wash, let dry for a few days, put in a paper bag and crush the shells with a heavy dish, bowl, spoon, anything. Then, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!

Don’t eat eggs? not to worry. Stop by a diner early in the morning, the chef would be delighted to have you pick up the shells in the kitchen. Your garden will blossom and our planet will be cleaner!

Any gardening tips? Please plant some on my blog.

Happy green Friday and a very happy fourth of July.


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