Green Thumb Friday

Since I started writing about a horticulturist, my thumb turned bright green. Actually, it’s not just my thumb. I see Green everywhere and I find myself having conversations with neighbors and friends about their lawns, bushes and weeds.

Oh, did I say weeds? Yes, that’s one thing we, on the East Coast have plenty of, especially after a good soak.

So, while visiting my friends, Marlene and Enrico who seem to have green thumbs and green toes and while munching on chips, I asked them, “What do you do about the weeds?”

“Mulch!” said Enrico.


“No,you’re already doing plenty on munching, I mean mulch!” answered Marlene. So, I came back to my humble garden and did what she told me.

Mulch is a layer of material you apply on top of the soil to conserve the moisture in the soil, to improve the fertility of the soil and to reduce weeds.

Mulch is made from shredded cedar, pine or hardwood. You can get mulch in any gardening place and it comes in several colors from natural wood to reddish and even black. If you want a psychedelic garden, maybe you can find it in shocking pink? (Just kidding)

Mulch is perfect to use around bushes and flowers. Put a layer of at least 3 inches.

If you grow vegetables or fruits, it’s better to use hay instead of regular mulch since you don’t want your fruits & vegetables to taste like pine or cedar.

Since bugs often feed on the old mulch, Enrico and Marlene say that in the fall, smart gardeners turn the soil and mulch over with a hoe or shovel.That way, you’ll get rid of eggs that bugs might lay. After turning the old mulch over, apply a new layer.

So, go mulching and while you do, munch on whatever your heart desires.

Any gardening tips? Please plant on my blog.mulch photo 2 mulch photo 4

2 thoughts on “Green Thumb Friday

  1. As I understand it, Joan Rivers, early in 2014, had a half inch tattoo inscribed on her arm:
    “6M”. ( a reference to the 6 Million Jews)

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