Green Thumb Friday

Gardening on the cheap

Writing a children story about a horticulturist who invented plants in the 19 century is very nurturing.

Gardening ideas are sprouting in my mind and I enjoy planting, watering, getting dirt between my non polished finger nails and smelling the roses.

But this new hobby, can get pretty costly. Just walk into your local nursery & pick some plants. You’ll soon discover that plants aren’t cheap.

One easy way to acquire new plants without ending up taking a second mortgage on your house is what some people in the neighborhood refer to as moonlight gardening. No, not the kind when you smell your roses while meditating by the moon light. My neighbors are too practical for that.

What they really refer to is the common practice around here of picking wild flowers that grow in abundance by the road side and planting few in their own garden. Since these are native plants, they do very well in native soil. Pink.lavender, fuchsia, orange, white and yellow, these orphans whose names only a few botanists know are charming and pleasing. They aren’t spoiled like some of these fancy schmancy flowers. Really, they are just happy to be around. All they want is to keep growing and growing. 

Since they have never been to a nursery, they follow the rules of nature itself. You don’t have to feed them expensive nutrients or take extra care of them. Like all perennials, they’ll come back each year to say, “Thank you for adopting us, we always wanted a mommy and daddy.”

You’ll feel great and save some money too.

Any gardening tips? Plant them in my garden.gardening on the cheap photo 2


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