Green Thumb Friday

Theme Garden

A garden is more than a patch of land in which to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. 

As you choose what you want to grow, your choices already reflect your taste, food preferences, childhood memories and personality.

Folks who grew up in hot arid areas tend to love cacti while those who cherish memories of white Christmas tend to plant Holly.

You can create a theme garden by incorporating elements such as plastic toys, photographs that are mounted in plastic (to protect them from rain), decorative rocks, sculptures, anything you wish that could withstand the elements.

How about a family garden where a photograph of each member of the family is inserted next to their favorite fruit or flower? How about a community garden where each neighbor contributes a little object? How about a children’s garden where each child paints a rock (Use durable outdoor paint) to accompany the plants?

So this weekend, brain storm with your children, family neighbors and friends and sprinkle your garden with your creative self! 

Any other theme gardening ideas?

Plant them in my blog.

Happy  Green Weekend,

Amaliatheme gardenphoto

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