Elements of Style

Writing a story is a little bit like growing a vegetable garden.

Each, word or punctuation mark effects the way it grows and whether it would ripen to be juicy and delicious.

As we plow through our writing, we encounter obstacles, like weeds a gardener must pull out constantly in order to give the plants the best chance to grow and flourish.

I am talking about all these grammar rules, proper punctuation, spelling and other elements of style that we, writers must master if we want to grow a fruitful story.

Luckily, there’s a sweet little guide to help writers in plowing through the task of weeding their writing.

elements of style003 The Elements of Style was written by E. B. White, best known for his beloved Charlotte’s Web and William Strunk Jr. It is a handful of useful information about all these grammar rules and standards of style we might not have paid attention to in college.

If this kind of book reminds you of your grammar teacher with her thick glasses and pencil thin eye brows, relax!

The book contains gorgeous wacky, colorful illustrations by the amazing Maira Kalman so as to turn the plowing journey into an entertaining and fun experience.

So next time you sweat in your garden of text, find your answers and information you might need in this little treasure and sit down to smell the roses.

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