Valentine puppets

I am so thrilled to be a participating author/illustrator associated with ArtsWestchester.

I get to meet wonderful kids and share the experience of creating magical art and stories.

Here I am with some very talented storytellers from Enrico Fermi Elementary School in Yonkers, NY who told their love stories through heart- head puppets we created out of scraps of paper, toilet paper cardboard rolls, fabric, feathers & goggly eyes. Each puppet was different and I brought along my very special puppet friend, Masha who is also a character in my book, The Klezmer Bunch.

The kids got to take their heart puppets home.Enrico Fermi Valentine photo 2 enrico fermi valentine 2photo 2 enrico fermi puppets 3photo 3.

So have fun this Valentine and treat a friend to a heart puppet!

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