Death of The Snowman

It’s snowing here in New York.

Huge flakes are dropping like fluffy feathers onto the evergreen and tree tops.

My neighborhood is a sugary landscape, filled with frosted glittering cupcakes.

What could be more magical and inviting for a child?

Yet, there are no children around. The only footprints I see in the marshmallow grounds are those of cats and the mailman.

I went for a long walk , pass neat houses and snow covered lawns, surrounded by picket fences. Where are the snowmen? I couldn’t find any.

The only snowmen I encountered were sad styrofoam leftovers from Christmas displays at the local shops, gazing with plastic eyes at wine bottles, shoes, ladies bras & panties and faked jewelry.

But the real ones are gone. That’s because kids aren’t out there to roll the snow, pile it, stick a carrot for a nose, top the head with a rusty can and find sticks for hands.

So where are the kids? They are home playing with their electronic devices or watching TV.

I might be a bit old fashioned but I feel that kids are being robbed out of the most basic childhood pleasures and are losing out on some great experiences my kids had when they Creature Sleding 2 spent their snowy days sledding, throwing snow balls, building snowmen and shoveling their neighbor’s driveways for a few dollars and hot chocolate.

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