My Author/illustrator Presentation

I had a great time presenting my story, The Klezmer Bunch to some very intelligent kids at the Chabad School in Stony Brook, LI.

We spoke about the magic of creating picture books and where inspiration comes from. I dressed up as a magician. My magic word was, of course, Imagination as all inspiration starts there. Waving a magic wand, we brainstormed together while I demonstrated how my book, The Klezmer Bunch was created with pencils, paint, collage and a good dose of Imagination.

In my story, traveling musicians pack their instruments in a baby carriage that has a mind of its own and runs away. The kids agreed that I couldn’t just draw an ordinary carriage. It had to look a little like a person with eyes and a mischievous ¬†mouth. Telling the story, I felt more comfortable taking the role of Roysaleh, who is a character in my book. Roysaleh wears a pot on her head and carries all her kitchen utensils in her apron. That way, she can always be on the road as a traveling musician and cook some yummy chicken soup.

I also brought Masha, my goat puppet who accompanies Moyshe while he plays the tsimble.

chabad stonybrook 2016 2

chabad stonybrook 2016 3

chabad stonybrook 2016

chabad stonybrook 2016 4


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