The 21 Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference

What a great weekend it was! With inspiring workshops, presentations, yummy food and an amazing group of people.

Hats off to sally Issac and Lionel Bender who did a great job organizing the event at Iona College in New Rochelle.

I was honored to receive the 2nd prize at the art show which included some great talents.

Here’s one of the pieces I entered

genizah_with dove  72 dpi



New Jersey SCBWI Illustrator Show

There were so many incredibly talented illustrators at e NJ SCBWI conference last weekend. Kathy Temean posted all in her very informative blog

I was honored to exhibit my own interpretation on the theme “I shall rise and go now…” with all these super great, creative, amazing people.

insifree BEEBOY



David Wiesner- what an inspiration

This weekend, I was treated to the best and most inspiring presentation at the NJ SCBWI summer conference .

The amazing, incredibly talented  David Wiesner talked about his art, books and his sources of inspiration. Later that day, I was fortunate to sit in a smaller format where David talked about using references to create his illustrations from building and photographing  models for architectural details to sculpting frogs for the frog invasion in Tuesday to following and recording every movement of his cat for Mr. Wuffles!

He even studied lizard’s anatomy for Art & Max

If you ever have a chance to hear David talk, don’t miss it. The man is as incredible as his books.

david wiesner