How to Write a Yummy Story


As a “foody” I love writing children’s stories about food.

In my book, Purim Goodies I wrote about some treats that Jewish folks send as gifts during the holiday of Purim. I researched old favorites and discovered that besides the good old hamantaschen, there are also other treats that might not have made it to the popularity of this one triangular cookie, stuffed with just about everything but never the less, are super delicious. Baked goods such as date & nut torte, taigalach, kindle and strudel will surely whet your appetite.

I also wrote about the tradition of giving food to the poor during Purim in my article, Queen Esther and Me, published in March of this year in Highlights for Children.

But writing about food is challenging. How many times could you say, “yummy”, “delicious” or “tasty” in one story?

Recently, I had tons of fun writing a children’s story about a greasy falafel. In the text, I also mentioned some other Middle Eastern dishes. The challenge was how to convey the specific taste or texture of a certain food, not by serving or eating it but by adding salt & pepper to the descriptions and serving each dish on literary platters.

As I researched the internet for interesting descriptions, I discovered many sites that compiled words that best describe foods and tastes.

These are very helpful in putting cinnamon & spice & everything nice into your writing:

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