Debate Etiquette

Any parent or teacher know that one of the first thing that kids, as young as 5, learn to do is take turns while speaking in class and respecting the fact that they must keep quiet while it’s someone else’s time to talk.

Our presidential candidates haven’t yet reached that point, interrupting each other and ignoring the moderator.

Go back to kindergarten Donald and Hillary, you might learn a thing or two.


Join me at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Join me at the Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day at MetroTech Commons
 Saturday, September 17th from 12-12.30 pm in the SCBWI booth # 26.
I’ll be presenting my books with a sweet tale, silly songs and a most adorable puppet.
The event is free and you can stroll around the neighborhood with your kiddies & get some super yummy Brooklyn pretzels.
Hope to see you there
Amalia and Puppet.jpg