14 ways to grab your audience while presenting your book



1. Greet children with a smile. If the group is small, shake hands and ask their names.

2. Make sure your host introduces you. If not, introduce yourself.

3. Make eye contact with all sections of your audience.

4. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets. Don’t maintain a rigid posture.

5. Allow for audience participation by incorporating:

Sing along

Dance and movement

Activity related to your story (cooking demonstration, art project)

Questions and answers

6. Use visual aids such as: simple props, puppets costumes, blown up and cut up illustrations from your book.

7. Incorporate music by playing a CD or by playing an instrument.

8. Use humor but don’t laugh at your own jokes.

9. Keep it short and sweet. Assign a timekeeper (a teacher, parent or librarian) to give you an agreed  upon signal at 10 minutes and 5 minutes before the end of your presentation.

10. If you realize that you’ve forgotten a part of the story, never say, “I forgot to tell you…” You can say, “Did I tell you?” or just let it go.

11. Don’t forget to thank your host.

12. Autograph your books by writing something personal, not just your signature. If you’re an illustrator, think of a little something you can draw quickly in each book or make a stamp.

13. Try a little giveaway with every book purchased: cards, bookmark, coloring page.

14. When you complete your presentation, always look pleased- you’ve done a great job!

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