Storytelling tip for Authors

So you want to get invited to schools , book fairs & libraries to present your book, Right?

We all do! Over the years, after promoting my stories during countless author visits, I discovered a few handy tricks to make my presentations fun & engaging.

But it wasn’t easy.

The first time, when my story, Purim Goodies was published, I was really eager to do a good job. So I marched in with all my books & read the story from beginning to end,

Then I asked, “Any questions?”A little girl raised her hand in enthusiasm, “Is it over yet?” she asked

That’s when I discovered that 20 minutes for a 5 years old in an awful long time. So what do you do to make sure that your you won’t get the same answer as I did?

The solution is, limit your talking or story reading to no longer than 10 minutes & use the rest of your time to engage the kids in interactive activity.

For example, My story Purim Goodies is about 2 Jewish girls who deliver hamantascehn (A yummy cookie eaten during the holiday of Purim) So I started bringing white play dough that looks just like real dough and demonstrating how to make¬†hamantascehn.¬†It’s all pretend but the kids really love it & they even get to make their own faked cookie.

In presenting my story, The Klezmer Bunch, I bring Klezmer music & cardboard klezmer musical instruments made from blown up illustrations from my book. We even get to dance Klezmer style around the room.Everybody gets into the music & I bring in pots & pants & lots of spoons to make some extra noise.

So be creative & alter your presentation to fit in with your book & be super fun for your audience.




Leave Melania Alone!

As our nation is going through a challenging time, I keep seeing an awful lot of posting depicting Melania as a national trash.

Whatever your political view in regarding the election, those of you who are trashing Melania, posting nude photos of her in days long gone and mocking her in public, are actually guilty of the very thing that you are blaming Trump for – insulting women!

In the middle ages, beautiful women were burned alive and accused of witch craft. By trashing Melania, you yourself are actually putting down women in the worst way.

I mean, what crime did Melania commit?

I wonder if she would have been slammed this way if she was ugly.

Beauty is not a crime and a beautiful woman is not a witch!

A model who posed in the nude, did not commit a crime. She is a wife and a mother and smearing provocative images of her beautiful body for your political agenda is as wrong as mocking a beauty queen who gained weight.