Storytelling tip for Authors

So you want to get invited to schools , book fairs & libraries to present your book, Right?

We all do! Over the years, after promoting my stories during countless author visits, I discovered a few handy tricks to make my presentations fun & engaging.

But it wasn’t easy.

The first time, when my story, Purim Goodies was published, I was really eager to do a good job. So I marched in with all my books & read the story from beginning to end,

Then I asked, “Any questions?”A little girl raised her hand in enthusiasm, “Is it over yet?” she asked

That’s when I discovered that 20 minutes for a 5 years old in an awful long time. So what do you do to make sure that your you won’t get the same answer as I did?

The solution is, limit your talking or story reading to no longer than 10 minutes & use the rest of your time to engage the kids in interactive activity.

For example, My story Purim Goodies is about 2 Jewish girls who deliver hamantascehn (A yummy cookie eaten during the holiday of Purim) So I started bringing white play dough that looks just like real dough and demonstrating how to make hamantascehn. It’s all pretend but the kids really love it & they even get to make their own faked cookie.

In presenting my story, The Klezmer Bunch, I bring Klezmer music & cardboard klezmer musical instruments made from blown up illustrations from my book. We even get to dance Klezmer style around the room.Everybody gets into the music & I bring in pots & pants & lots of spoons to make some extra noise.

So be creative & alter your presentation to fit in with your book & be super fun for your audience.




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