Cat is here!

To promote my board book, Dreidel Day, Lerners/Kar Ben Publishing coming up Fall, 2018, I recreated my main character as a puppet. She can play with her dreidels and teach you how to count from 1-8. We’ll be telling the story together and having lots of fun.

cat pupet and me

Making the Puppet to Promote my Book

I’m really getting into the spirit of promoting Dreidel Day, coming out in Fall, 2018 by Lerners/ Kar Ben Publishing, starring  white & brown cats & a bunch of  dreidels .

I’ll act up my board book story with two cat puppets & cut-out dreidels.

It’s so humid in NY that my puppet heads need another day to dry before I apply the last layer of papier mache’.

So I started working on the body. I want Cat to be soft & fluffy so when I perform my story in front of kids, they could stroke her & make nicey nice. That will make the kids love her so hopefully, they’ll want to see all the amazing things that she does with her dreidels & even learn to count from 1-8.

Luckily, this is Halloween time & the craft stores are full of amazing fabrics for costumes. I picked  white & brown faux furs for my two cats, sewed up the body & stuffed the legs with some cotton.

But the hands have to be very flexible so my fingers could easily manipulate the cat’s  paws.

I like to walk around & let the kids shake hands with the puppet. Cat has to be able to wave, Hi & Bye, Bye. She has to be able to blow a kiss & hold the cut up dreidels.   That way, he story will come to life & the kids will be engaged. So I chose a softer fabric for the upper paws & my fingers feel nice & comfy in the cat’s paws.


puppet body

cat heads


Planning my Book Promotion

Taking first steps to promote Dreidel Day, coming up Fall, 2018.

It’s a little board book starring 2 cats &lots of dreidels.

So I’m making 2 cat puppets. .

I applied first layer of plaster gauze over inflated balloons and added the ears .

When this dries , I’ll apply 2nd layer.

Can’t wait to paint the cats & add whiskers & eyes .

Can’t wait to act out my story when the book comes out.

cat heads