Jewish Book Council pitch

Last week, I did my 2 minute pitch for my newest book, Dreidel Day at the JBC Network Authors On Tour event in NYC .

I practiced my pitch by a mirror dozens of times but  found out that really, I’m so excited about this book and presenting it at community centers that it was simply natural and easy to do my 2 minute spiel in front of 200 people.

Of course, I brought my cat puppet with me. She’s soft & cuddly and I feel at ease when I play with her. So now everyone got to meet her and she’ll be  traveling with me wherever I tour. (Hope she won’t meow while on the plane…)

JBC author on tour188

costume front



Remembering Richard Peck

Richard was an amazing person. I met him in an SCBWI La conference and we instantly became friends.

Besides being a great writer, he was the most entertaining speaker.

I remember laughing with him at the pool party. He loved the hamantaschen recipe in my in my Purim Goodies book, so when I got back from LA, I baked some for him.

Elegant, articulate and wonderful, he’ll be greatly missed.

richard peck