Book Launch over the weekend

On Saturday, I presented #Dreidel Day at #B&N , Yonkers, NY .

They have this gorgeous stage, complete with scenery and it’s a heaven for storytelling.

On Sunday, I had a book launch at the amazing #Books of Wonder, NYC uptown store.

The kids were terrific. They couldn’t wait to help the cat puppets light the menorah, count Hanukkah coins, dreidels & latkes, play Pin the Tail on the Cat, decorated #Dreidel Day coloring pages and munch on Hanukkah cookies & chocolate coins.

later, I dressed up like a musician character in my picture book,  The Klezmer Bunch, complete with a cooking pot hat on my head and acted up my story, The Klezmer Bunch about 4 klezmer musicians who pack their musical instruments in a baby carriage, on a way to a Jewish wedding. The children were so inspired by the wymsical musical instruments in the book that they sat on the floor & drew their own creations.

Thank you Books of Wonder & B&N.

B&N poster

B&N Yomkers on stage

books of wonder with dreidel

books of wonder lighting menorah

books of wonder pin the tail

books of wonder cookies

books of wonder klezmer book

books of wonder drawings by kids




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