The Family and Frog Haggadah.

Want to keep the kids happy and involved during your Seder?

Get this super cute, funny and clever Haggadah by a fellow Book Meshuggenahs author, Karen Rostoker-Gruber, and Rabbi Ron Isaacs

In this Haggadah, an adorable frog plays a main role in telling the Passover story and participating in the traditional rituals at the Seder.

Frog eats a locust, looks under the pages for chametz (and finds a piece of toadst.) Frog looks for a mic to say the four questions and complains that his glass of wine isn’t filled.

Frog is an active child-friendly participant who, of course, spills the wine.

There are lots of surprises and games sprinkled throughout the pages.

Your kids will love this and stay awake through the entire Seder!

Frog's front cover

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