Astro Pea Blast Off!

Astro Pea launches next Thursday ,March 28.

We’ll blast off with a couple of events,  complete with a costume, props, lights, coloring pages and Pete – the adorable finger puppet who’s also the main star. Pete lives in a pea pod but his imagination takes him all the way to space and back!

The book introduces kids ages 2-6 to space exploration in a playful way when simple vegetables are transformed into spaceships, planets . corn-trol shuttle and much more.

As part of the NY Public Library 2019 Early Literacy theme, A Universe of Stories, we’ll explore how planets orbit around the sun (Using play dough planets.)

And, we’ll  “plant” and “water” a vegetable patch

So bring your kids, grand kids & the kid in you to any of these free events.

#space #spaceship #Schifferkids #vegetables #boardbook #children #peas #astronauts #stars #planets.

presentation schedule flyer

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