Astro Pea Book Day

My baby is making its way into the world today. I’ll be launching my board book Astro Pea tomorrow, Friday 3/29 at 3.30 PMAt the wonderful The Voracious Reader 1997 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538

Join me as I present  Astro Pea with props, lights and Pete the pea, an adorable finger puppet. Follow Pete on his cosmic adventure where a carrot transforms into a spaceship, an artichoke turns into a satellite, plain vegetables into planets and much more. Discover how planets orbit around the sun. “plant” and “water” a garden patch. Color and name the vegetables in the book. See how much fun healthy food can be. For ages 2-6

Here’s a youtube video sample of my presentation:


#SchifferPublishing #space # astronauts #planets #launch #blastoff #spaceship #astrology #orbit #satellite #carrot #peas #boardbook #pastels #touchdown #telescope


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