Anya’s Secret Society

One thing that I love to do on my blog is write reviews for new incredible picture books .

Such book is Anya’s Secret Society by the very talented Yevgenia Nayberg.

This is probably one of the most gorgeous picture books I’ve ever seen.

Incredible illustrations that are child friendly but never too cute.

The story is inspiring:

Anya lives in Russia. Alas, she’s left handed and her neighbors and teachers believe that: “The right hand is the right hand.” And, “The left hand is the wrong hand.”

Anya discovers that many artists were also lefties. She imagines a secret society where everyone draws with their left hand.

Things change when Anya moves to America and realizes that being a lefty is just fine!

The back matter in the book is a most moving account of the author/illustrator who herself is a lefty and grew up in Russia.

This wonderful warm story conveys a message that being different is acceptable and that there’s no right hand or wrong hand.

Highly recommended!

Anya's Secret Society cover_final

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