A Colorful Tail

One of the things that I love to do on my blog is review new, exciting and beautiful books.

Such a book is A Colorful Tail : Finding Monet at Giverny, written and illustrated by Joan Waites. #SchifferPublishing

What an adorable book and a completely fresh take on picture books about artists, in this case, Claude Monet. 

A little red fox lives in a garden which we later realize is the garden of Monet in Giverny.

The little fox admires the colors of each season and tries to capture them by collecting flowers in spring, making an artistic arrangement of pebbles in the summer (Which incidentally looks like Monet’s waterlilies) and arranging colorful leaves on the ground in the fall. 

But, alas, his creations are blown away, flooded and even eaten by a deer.

One day, fox notices a man who dips “a stick with a tail into spots of color.”

Fox is intrigued by Monet’s easel. Accidentally, his tail rubs on the fresh paint and fox discovers the pleasures of painting when, just like Monet, he can make the colors last all year round.

Ms. Waites cleverly interweaves a charming butterfly and a bumblebee (who causes fox’s tail to dip in the paint.)

Super cute tale of a fox’s tail and great way to introduce children to Monet’s paintings.


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