Katzele and the Silver Candlesticks

One thing that I love to do on my blog is write about new books that warmed my heart and inspired me.

Such book is Katzele and the Silver Candlesticks by Susan Dubin. this is a very emotional story about Rosie and Vigdor, two Russian Jewish children who are determined to save Rosie’s father from the salt mines. Susan Dubin weaves into her story a little cat, Ketzele, who keeps appearing and disappearing as you keep reading. Ketzele proves to be a very helpful partner in the children’s effort to find Rosie’s father. I couldn’t let go off the book till I reached the end, wanting to know what will happen next. I won’t tell you the ending because I would like you to feel the suspense too.
All in all, a great read. Highly recommended!



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