Theatrical Event With Actress Naomi Yoeli

My talented sister, actress Naomi Yoeli has a new theatrical event in Jerusalem. Naomi meets the audience at a garden where we built a sitting bench in memory of our parents. Then, she takes her audience on a nostalgic journey- up Mt. Zion, climbing the way we used to climb the mountain with our parents on Shabbat mornings, many years ago. Naomi talks about the mystical characters who used to live in Jerusalem and a childhood- difficult and amazing at the same time.
The event commence at a room filled with religious artifacts and junk and a rabbi who looks like Moses. Then, meditation on the roof of King David’s Tomb at sun set. All the shows are sold out but if another season opens up- don’t miss it! There isn’t a more charismatic actress than Naomi Yoeli !
Naomi 6
Naomi 1
Naomi 2

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