Hanukkah Storytelling With Dreidel Day

Hanukkah falls on December 23rd . I am planning events for my counting board book, Dreidel Day. It’s a PJ Library book and received the PJ Library Author Incentive Award.  Kar Ben Publishing https://www.karben.com

I perform Dreidel Day with my adorable cat puppets, who look like the cats in the book. This storytelling, for children, ages 1-6 and families, incorporates Hanukkah sing-along, lighting the menorah (electric) and counting dreidels, candles, Hanukkah gelt and cut-up paper latkes. Children decorate their own coloring pages and learn what the Hebrew letters on the dreidel mean. We also play Spin the Tail on the Cat.

I demonstrate how I created the 3D paper-cut illustrations for the book.

Here’s a short youtube link to my  art demonstration:

And here’s a youtube link to my presentation of Dreidel Day with my cat puppets.


For more details and to book a presentation, message me or email amaliah@optonline.net

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