Typewriter by Yevgenia Nayberg

One thing I love to do on my blog is writing reviews for books that inspire, amuse and amaze me. Such a book is Typewiter by the talante author/ ilustrator, Yevgenia Nayberg .

Typewriter is one of these books that has, Originality typed all over it.

Nayberg has created a most moving, unique and visually beautiful picture book that truly expresses the struggles of newcomers who arrive in a new place and soon realize that their lives, habits and passions must be drastically altered.

Told in first person from a point of view of a Russian typewriter, we get to identify with this device. Once so beloved in its native land, the typewriter was so important to his writer that it made its way to America, sitting on the writer’s lap as he flew to his new land.

Alas, once in America, the writer soon realizes that he must struggle to survive by doing odd jobs and hardly has time to write.

When he finally get back to his writing, the writer realizes that the old typewriter must be replaced with a laptop. A very humorous illustration depicts the writer working on his laptop in a coffee shop with scattered cups of coffee on the table, one of which is decorated with an American flag.

Luckily, a little girl finds the discarded typewriter and a whole new way to make use of it.

Nayberg gorgeous illustrations and humor make this title compelling, charming and emotional. The author’s note is an extra bonus.

Highly recommended.

typewriter cover

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