A Universe of Stories

To my librarians friends,
Looks like my board book, Astro Pea is blasting off at the perfect time!
This summer the theme for the NY State Early Literacy program is, A Universe of Stories.
All the libraries will be doing programs for young children about space and space exploration.
Many out of states libraries have also adopted this theme for Summer 2019.
Astro Pea would be a perfect choice for children 2-6 and families  because it’s playful, exciting, colorful and  all the facts about space are true!
I would love to do a program at your library.
Here’s my program brochure and you can watch me in action on Youtube.
storytelling astro Pea

Holocaust International Memorial Day

Today, Holocaust International Memorial Day, I light a candle for Amalia (Mantzi), my mother’s sister and Zonia, my father’s sister. Beautiful young women , murdered by the Nazis.
At the time of her death, Amalia was either at the last stage of pregnancy or just had her first baby. Zonia studied Hebrew and dreamed of going to Palestine.
I mourn the rest of my mother and father entire Friebrun and Einleger families- wiped out by hatred .


mantzi freibrun

Storytelling for Astro Pea

I’m getting ready to present my board book, Astro Pea this spring. Pete the pea lives in a pea pod but with lots of imagination, a carrot nearby turns into a space ship. Pete blasts off on a cosmic adventure, encounters danger,  is rescued by the Corn-Troll Shuttle and gets back to earth on a mushroom parachute . With our imagination , even ordinary veggies can take us all the way to space.

#Schiffer Publishing. Available for pre order, coming out this spring.

amalia side