Green Thumb Friday

Plant first seeds for the new year

Welcome to my blog where I write about my two passions – creating picture books and gardening.

I always find it fascinating that the new year is born when plants shrivel and die.

My garden is bare, only the evergreen are happy outdoor and  my roses still keep their green leaves but, alas, not their colorful blossom.

I read somewhere that the Christmas tree tradition started in Eastern Europe where folks got so depressed during the winter months, that they had to bring some greens into the house to remind them of spring.

So, I brought in lots of plants to keep me company all winter long.

I try to fight the winter blues. by indulging myself and treat myself to a bubble bath while I make my new year resolutions (Which never blossom.)

So, in this first weekend of 2015, forget your new year resolutions and plant seeds of happiness in your life.Creature-bathing

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