Making the Puppet to Promote my Book

I’m really getting into the spirit of promoting Dreidel Day, coming out in Fall, 2018 by Lerners/ Kar Ben Publishing, starring  white & brown cats & a bunch of  dreidels .

I’ll act up my board book story with two cat puppets & cut-out dreidels.

It’s so humid in NY that my puppet heads need another day to dry before I apply the last layer of papier mache’.

So I started working on the body. I want Cat to be soft & fluffy so when I perform my story in front of kids, they could stroke her & make nicey nice. That will make the kids love her so hopefully, they’ll want to see all the amazing things that she does with her dreidels & even learn to count from 1-8.

Luckily, this is Halloween time & the craft stores are full of amazing fabrics for costumes. I picked  white & brown faux furs for my two cats, sewed up the body & stuffed the legs with some cotton.

But the hands have to be very flexible so my fingers could easily manipulate the cat’s  paws.

I like to walk around & let the kids shake hands with the puppet. Cat has to be able to wave, Hi & Bye, Bye. She has to be able to blow a kiss & hold the cut up dreidels.   That way, he story will come to life & the kids will be engaged. So I chose a softer fabric for the upper paws & my fingers feel nice & comfy in the cat’s paws.


puppet body

cat heads


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