The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti

one of the things I like to do on my blog is write reviews for books that amuse & amaze me.

Such a book is: The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti by Leslie Kimmelman, illustrated by Sharon Davey, Apples & Honey Press

Lena is on a mission to snoop around and find out what does rabbi Max do all day.

In her spying, she discovers that the rabbi “seems to be everywhere.” He’s a great dancer, at many simchas, he teaches Torah, he’s spectacular at building Sukka, and loves to slurp spaghetti .

Case closed, the rabbi is, a real mensch! 

This is a funny and clever book that breaks away from the stereotype rabbi image, that of a super serious person with a long beard and introduces a much more accessible rabbi, in line with today’s needs of Jewish communities and families.

A great read and fresh addition to Jewish-themed children’s books.

The author’s note is an extra bonus.

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