Thank You Notes

So many thanks to Lisa Liss at Woodlake Elementary School in Sacramento who sent me these cute thank you notes from some of her students and added a few nice words herself after I presented The Brave Cyclist to her class.
“She inspired me to keep trying because Gino continued to try!” Cris
“Her words were very inspiring to me! To listen to her families story and her words of encouragement were great.” Aabhar
“I learned to keep trying because you will eventually succeed! It too Mrs.Hoffman 26 times to be a published author.” Silvia
“Thanks to Ms. Hoffman, my students were able to hear how to write and publish a book. Her visit gave us a chance to meet an award-winning author! To top it off, we were able to purchase books for many of our students. Ms. Hoffman stayed after and personally signed each one! Very touching day!” Lisa Liss
#GinoBartali #Holocaust #NeverForget #nionfiction #Capstone
lisa class

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